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dis one’z fer u mao–monday

Posted: February 19, 2007 in climbin treez ...

dis pikshur iz fer mi grate frend maobert nichols. he wuz stuck inna tree recentlee an had a grate deel uv difficultee gettin down. dis iz da tree nex to mi howse dat i offen climb to get on da roof.

notice how i’m grippin da tree wid mi rite arm. i’m facin down so i can see ware i’m goin. i can moov frum limb to limb until i get down.
it’z eezee to climb up da tree an down da tree. i hav told mao to come to noo york an i will teech him how to climb treez properlee … so certain catz (rocky) won’t make fun uv him anymore.

luv–yer frend–jh