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mi mom got sum grate valentine’z frum her stoodentz. sum uv dem had sum grate jokez. so mi thursday 13 iz grate jokez by kidz fer kidz!
i’m gointa rite da jokez first … den giv u da anserz. see if u can figyer owt da punch-linez.

1–what did the dog say when he sat on the sandpaper?
2–what do you call a pig who knows karate?
3–where do cats like to go on vacation?
4–how does a dog smell?
5–what kind of shoes do chickens wear?
6–what kind of fish has two knees?
7–what kind of cat shouldn’t you play cards with?
8–what do cows do on Saturday nights?
9–what did the cat eat for breakfast?
10-what kind of car does a cat drive?
11-how do you catch a squirrel?
12-what do you do when a cat is crying in the back seat of your car?
13-have you heard the story of the cat on the roof?

an heer ar da anserz:

2–a pork-chop (laffin!)
3–da canary islandz
4–bad! (eksept fer mi byootiful d-o-g frend, stormy b. naughty)
5–reebok-bok-bokz (dat one iz fer mi bes frend reeb!)
6–a two-knee fish (hahaha … i luv da juice uv da two-knee fish!)
7–a cheetah
8–go to da moooooooooviez
9–mice crispiez (funnee)
10-a cat-a-lac
11-climb a tree an act like a nut (i’m laffin an laffin!)
12-put him in da frunt seet (duhr!)
13-don’t worry abowt it … it’z over yer head! (i luv cat-on-da-roof jokez!)

laffin an laffin!
luv–yer frend–jh