hopin yer holidayz ar brite

Posted: December 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

well brudderz an sistahz,  it haz been 8 crazy dayz since i sed farewell to mi brudder mickey.  i havta admit, i hav not been miself.  i miss him.  yesturday mornin i saw dat stoopid kitten joba jus sitten at da very spot ware mick iz lade to rest.  i gess he missez him, too.  da nayborz hav been comin to pay dere respectz.  mick wuzza fixcher on dis street.  but life goez on.  mi brudder matsui an i hav been gettin even closer an dat’zza good thing. even tho he izza killer uv small animalz an rodentz … matty izza good boy.  i am reedin in da blogosphere dat mick iz joined by udder frendz.  he won’t be lonely at da bridge, i can tell u dat.  i wanna wish u all a very merry christmas.  pleez don’t eet tinsel an try not to jump on da tree.  luv an peace to u all.  yer frend–

Jeter Headshot

  1. We are sorry you are missing Mickey so badly Jeter. You have to be strong for your family because they all miss him too.It is good that you are spending time with Matsui. Hugs to all of you.
    We wish you all a happy Christmas too.

  2. Hi Jeter. Even though this is such a sad time, I hope you and your family can enjoy the holidays. Wishing you a happier 2013.

  3. Jeter, our hearts go out to you, and Mommy is sending you some extra-comforting head rubs.

  4. psychokitty says:

    All right, man, just for you, I won’t jump on the tree…

  5. Yeah, some holidays are harder than others. I hope you get some ham or something to like help take away the sting–at least for awhile.

  6. 2catmom says:

    I know you all miss your brother Mickey. Make sure to share lots of love with your mom and dad cause they miss him too. And when you look up in the sky, find the brightest small star – and that will be him.

  7. We miss our brofur too. Hope your new year is the best ever!

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