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da week uv cat’z in capz iz now over … but wait … dere’z one more …

heer i am wid mi hat coverin mi eyez … i think it’z a hansum shot uv me. which bringz me to mi topic uv da day.

i wuz thinkin abowt mi valentine an i realized dat dere are sum byootiful an wunnerful frendz in mi circle-uv-dem dat i would like to hav az a valentine dis yeer. i am goin to giv dis sum thought dis weekend. affer all … how can a cat az hansum az me (jh) not hav a speshul sumcat fer da big day?

anudder thing dat will be happenin dis weekend iz da followin: yesterday i started to heer da sownd uv a bird chirpin in mi howse. i wuz amyoozed, but i coulden’t find da bird itself. mi mom sed:

Jeter, puppy, it’s not a bird. It’s the battery in the smoke detector. I have to change it.

so i will be watchin mi mom take owt a ladder an chanje da battree in da smoke detector. wen dere’z chirpin an it’z not a bird … da sownd iz kwite annoyin.

luv–yer frend–jh