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wen mi grate frend daisy rote abowt her mom’z nite owt wid da girlz … i thought mi mom iz goin to her book groop … an i should rite abowt dat.

so heer dey are … mi mom’z book groop (minus 3).

tonite dey discussed water for elephants which evreebuddee sed dey enjoyed.

dis iz a smart an byootiful groop uv reederz. can u pick owt mi mom?

so i thought dat mi thursday 13 should be

da 13 bookz i would like to reed if i wuz in a book groop … an heer it iz:

1–the cat that changed my life: 50 cats talk candidly about how they became who they are (i shoulda been intervyooded fer dis one.)

2–waiting for your cat to bark (sumthin abowt marketin.)

3–the cat in the hat (dr. seuss iz mi favrit.)

4–277 secrets your cat wants to know (inkwirin mindz wanna know.)

5–the cat who’ll live forever (abowt a scottish fold cat wid intrestin eerz.)

6–cat’s cradle (relijun … luv … an da atomic bomb)

7–tabby in the tub (i’m a tabby … u won’t get me in a tub!)

8–the brave firemen and the firehouse cat (a noo twist on da firehowse dog)

9–have you seen my cat? (i luved da hungree, hungree caterpillar)

10-adventure cat goes to school (i’d like to go to skool wid mi mom)

11-the fat cat sat on the mat (mi brudder mickey’z biographee (laffin)

12-puss-in-boots (a beluved favrit)

13-that yankee cat: the maine coon (i thought dis one wuz abowt me … den i realized it wuz abowt doze maine coonz … can’t dey leeve me alone?)

luv–yer frend–jh