heerz to a happy noo yeer

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

cats 024

deer brudderz an sistahz 

az i reflect upon dis yeer … i havta say … i’m not sad to see it go.  we lost sum grate frendz … an hadda bad storm … an bad thingz happened in dis werld (incloodin da demize uv da noo york yankeez … but dat’z anudder story) 

da grate thing iz …


dere iz alwayz nex yeer an, at da stroke uv 12 midnite, it’ll be nex yeer. so mi wish to all uv u iz dat 2013 iz da bes yeer yet!  good luck … good food … good frendz an …

luv alwayz!

yer frend–jeter harris (hizself)

  1. Laura Walker says:

    Hey–‘dere is alwayz nex yeer’ sounds more like us ‘loveable loser’ Cubs’ fans!! Happy New Year–

  2. happy noo year jeter honey!

    smiles, yab

  3. Here’s to a brand new start, every single day!

    Happy 2013!

  4. Love and happiness to you (and the fambly) this year!

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