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heer i am reecooperatin frum da partee las nite.
i wanna thank sadie fer sum grate cha cha cha.
i’m sorree i missed lilly lu in her noo dress.
i’m sorree i missed daisy plant one on skeezix’z cheek. i’m really sorree i missed skeezix havin a nervus brakedown after da kiss!

it wuz grate spendin sum time wid u.
i hope to do it again soon!

on anudder subject … i don’t offen rite abowt mi sistah kallie. (shee’z not too fond uv me) today i happened to catch her lookin at mi catster paje. wen she realized dat i caught her … she denied havin anee intrest.too late … i hav da pikshur an dat’z proof. so, today iz mi sistah kallie saturday.

luv–yer frend–jh