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in keepin wid da theme uv da week, i asked one uv mi best frendz, atlas, if he would allow me to yooz hiz dashin pikshur on mi blog. he wuz happee to comply.

at’ iz one uv mi favritz on catster. he iz extreemlee helpful … an he laffz at mi jokez!
he suggested dat i title mi blog fer today after hiz white cravat … which, if u don’t know, happenz to be frum da french fer necktie. if u look at hiz pikshur u will see dat he duz indeed hav a necktie dat he alwayz seemz to be warin.
at’, unlike reeb, pulled one uv hiz eerz owtta da holez in da cap. an he haz hiz cap tipped to one side. verree hansum an cool.
i hav lottsa fun wid mi frend at’. we decided sum time ago to form a band … an he wuz gonna be da grate clarence clemons. heez still practicin hiz saxaphone … az u can see on hiz paje.
i left mi frend at’ … in san francisco … an dat’z a long way frum noo york. sumday i hope to see him an finallee get owr band off da grownd! (laffin an laffin!)
luv–yer frend–jh