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i am postin dis pikshur uv mi bes frend in da world reebok.

i thought dat after seeing how byootiful scooter looked in her yankees cap … i should let u see how hansum reeb looked in hiz. (doncha like da way he tucked hiz eerz inside da cap? verree smooth!)

i told da storree uv reeb eerlee in mi bloggin career wen i first posted dis pikshur. ( i think dat 3 catz akshuallee vizited mi blog at dat time!) he iz da gratest frend … we talk to eech udder all da time an plan lottsa fun thingz to do. i menshuned dat we turned white fer april foolz day … an pretended to be memberz uv da PWKC … mi brudder mickey’z groop at catster. we laffed an laffed over dat one! on noo yeer’z eve we stood on da shoulderz uv da grate dick clark an ryan seacrest in timez skware. dat wuz grate!

it’z a long way frum noo york to san jose but i’m tryin to find mi way … an sumday reeb an i will wrestle an box an hav sum reel fun together.

luv–yer frend (an reeb’z) jh