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da week uv cat’z in capz iz now over … but wait … dere’z one more …

heer i am wid mi hat coverin mi eyez … i think it’z a hansum shot uv me. which bringz me to mi topic uv da day.

i wuz thinkin abowt mi valentine an i realized dat dere are sum byootiful an wunnerful frendz in mi circle-uv-dem dat i would like to hav az a valentine dis yeer. i am goin to giv dis sum thought dis weekend. affer all … how can a cat az hansum az me (jh) not hav a speshul sumcat fer da big day?

anudder thing dat will be happenin dis weekend iz da followin: yesterday i started to heer da sownd uv a bird chirpin in mi howse. i wuz amyoozed, but i coulden’t find da bird itself. mi mom sed:

Jeter, puppy, it’s not a bird. It’s the battery in the smoke detector. I have to change it.

so i will be watchin mi mom take owt a ladder an chanje da battree in da smoke detector. wen dere’z chirpin an it’z not a bird … da sownd iz kwite annoyin.

luv–yer frend–jh

meet mi grate frend rockford r nichols. heez a 14 anna haf yeer old geezer … an hee’z warin hiz brudder skeezix da cat’z yankee cap dat i sent him fer hiz birfday.

rocky, hoo luvz krappin in da mulch, (wut’z “mulch”?) wuz givin “vishus deer antlerz” at da bulevard pet hospitul in california. dis happened after da food lady an mr. tasty face fownd sumthin called a “absess” in hiz head. skeezix lent him da cap to cover hiz antlerz.

rocky haz jus da rite “edge” to be a offishul noo york yankee. he haz da look in hiz eyez dat would psych owt any udder player frum any udder teem. rocky rowndz owt dis week’z theme … cat’z in yankee capz.

on behalf uv mi frendz scootie patootie, reebok da grate, at’, bruce (da boss), an rocky da gutter cat, thank u fer enjoyin mi blog dis week … an … happee super bowl sunday (wutever dat iz!)

luv–yer frend–jh

dis iz mi grate frend bruce (da boss). heez warin a yankee cap even tho hee’z frum grate brittin … an duzzen’t know dat much abowt da grate game uv baseball. hee’z a football (or, az we say in da u.s. uv a, soccer) fan.
bruce an hiz sistah bobbie are verree important catz on da catster. dey ar sumthin called “moderatorz” an dat meenz dey keep da catz in line in da forumz. evreecat luvz bruce an bobbie becuz dey ar so sweet.
i pursonallee luv dere mom an dad, too. dey hav come to vizit me in noo york frum da uk twice an dey are comin again soon! i think dere mom iz like a “cat wisperer” becuz shee reelee knowz howta comyoonicate wid da catz in dis howse. da storree iz dat da grate mom an dad uv bruce an bobbie met mi mom at a bruce springsteen concert las june. it wuz verree eksitin! we’re hopin dat bruce an bobbie will hide in dere sootcasez wen dey come to noo york in april!
bruce iz da grate bruce springsteen hizself in owr band … an bobbie iz da luvlee patti scialfa.
sumday we’ll get da band off da grownd.

in celebrashun uv mi frendz bruce an bobbie … heer’z mi thursday thirteen:

thirteen thingz we hav in noo york dat dey don’t hav in buckinghamshire

  1. da grate derek jeter
  2. a decent pustramee sandwich
  3. a verree tall buildin call da empire state buildin
  4. reedikyooluslee ekspensiv hotel roomz
  5. a verree rich mayor
  6. da grate billy joel
  7. cheep knock-off handbagz
  8. a grate baseball teem … make dat two grate baseball teemz
  9. howard stern
  10. taxi driverz dat don’t speek english
  11. a whole store fulluv hello kitty productz
  12. macy’z, bloomingdale’z, tad’s stake howse, an da tick-tock diner
  13. me … jh

luv–yer frend–jh

in keepin wid da theme uv da week, i asked one uv mi best frendz, atlas, if he would allow me to yooz hiz dashin pikshur on mi blog. he wuz happee to comply.

at’ iz one uv mi favritz on catster. he iz extreemlee helpful … an he laffz at mi jokez!
he suggested dat i title mi blog fer today after hiz white cravat … which, if u don’t know, happenz to be frum da french fer necktie. if u look at hiz pikshur u will see dat he duz indeed hav a necktie dat he alwayz seemz to be warin.
at’, unlike reeb, pulled one uv hiz eerz owtta da holez in da cap. an he haz hiz cap tipped to one side. verree hansum an cool.
i hav lottsa fun wid mi frend at’. we decided sum time ago to form a band … an he wuz gonna be da grate clarence clemons. heez still practicin hiz saxaphone … az u can see on hiz paje.
i left mi frend at’ … in san francisco … an dat’z a long way frum noo york. sumday i hope to see him an finallee get owr band off da grownd! (laffin an laffin!)
luv–yer frend–jh

i am postin dis pikshur uv mi bes frend in da world reebok.

i thought dat after seeing how byootiful scooter looked in her yankees cap … i should let u see how hansum reeb looked in hiz. (doncha like da way he tucked hiz eerz inside da cap? verree smooth!)

i told da storree uv reeb eerlee in mi bloggin career wen i first posted dis pikshur. ( i think dat 3 catz akshuallee vizited mi blog at dat time!) he iz da gratest frend … we talk to eech udder all da time an plan lottsa fun thingz to do. i menshuned dat we turned white fer april foolz day … an pretended to be memberz uv da PWKC … mi brudder mickey’z groop at catster. we laffed an laffed over dat one! on noo yeer’z eve we stood on da shoulderz uv da grate dick clark an ryan seacrest in timez skware. dat wuz grate!

it’z a long way frum noo york to san jose but i’m tryin to find mi way … an sumday reeb an i will wrestle an box an hav sum reel fun together.

luv–yer frend (an reeb’z) jh