a hole noo yeer

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i’m not sad to see u go 2012.

did i wish u a happy noo yeer brudderz an sistahz?  i can’t remember becuz i wuz inna bit uvva funk after stoopid 2012 wen owt da door.   i am lookin forward to a grate 2013,  tho. 

i can’t say dat 2013 got off to da bes start, tho.  mi bes d-o-g titus wen to da bridge.


da gratest frootbat uv all time!

it wuzza shock to us all … but he iz wid mi brudder mickey an dey ar paintin da bridge wite!!!!

heer ar mi rezolyooshunz fer 2013:

more exercize  less complainin abowt joba
  yooz a spell checker wen possible
  figyer owt how to make yer commentz bigger.

da end.


2012 in review

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well, dis iz intrestin, brudderz an sistahz.  it’zza annual report frum doze fokez i pay money to fer dis blog.  az u scroll down u will see dat, amung udder thingz, i wuz da one hoo commented da mos … followed by mi bes frend … and i meen BES FREND … da grate auntie bee.  da kweschun iz … how can i get mor reederz?  i am jus wunderin.

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 12,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 20 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

heerz to a happy noo yeer

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cats 024

deer brudderz an sistahz 

az i reflect upon dis yeer … i havta say … i’m not sad to see it go.  we lost sum grate frendz … an hadda bad storm … an bad thingz happened in dis werld (incloodin da demize uv da noo york yankeez … but dat’z anudder story) 

da grate thing iz …


dere iz alwayz nex yeer an, at da stroke uv 12 midnite, it’ll be nex yeer. so mi wish to all uv u iz dat 2013 iz da bes yeer yet!  good luck … good food … good frendz an …

luv alwayz!

yer frend–jeter harris (hizself)

hopin yer holidayz ar brite

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well brudderz an sistahz,  it haz been 8 crazy dayz since i sed farewell to mi brudder mickey.  i havta admit, i hav not been miself.  i miss him.  yesturday mornin i saw dat stoopid kitten joba jus sitten at da very spot ware mick iz lade to rest.  i gess he missez him, too.  da nayborz hav been comin to pay dere respectz.  mick wuzza fixcher on dis street.  but life goez on.  mi brudder matsui an i hav been gettin even closer an dat’zza good thing. even tho he izza killer uv small animalz an rodentz … matty izza good boy.  i am reedin in da blogosphere dat mick iz joined by udder frendz.  he won’t be lonely at da bridge, i can tell u dat.  i wanna wish u all a very merry christmas.  pleez don’t eet tinsel an try not to jump on da tree.  luv an peace to u all.  yer frend–

Jeter Headshot

mi brudder mickey

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Mickey-Mantle-Wthank u jan … an mi frendz at da funny farm.

mi brudder iz gone but he will alwayz be in mi hart.  he wuz da gentlest uv all mi brudderz an evreeone luved him.  mi dad rote da followin on hiz facebook paje an i asked if i cood yooz it … he sed “yes” so heer it iz fer u to reed:

“At 2:37 today…on one of the absolutely, unequivocally saddest days in U.S. history (and I’m referring to the elementary school massacre in CT.),Mickey Mantle (Mick-The-Cat)…our gentle, 16 year old pussy cat, was shut down for good.

He couldn’t walk; he stopped eating…and he just let us know that he was done. The cat that woke me up every morning at 2:30 to let him outside…and who would climb on top the roof at 5:00am and yap until I would let him in our second story bathroom window…and with whom I shared EVERY meal I ever ate at our kitchen table…is gone.

It’s hard to believe that he was running all over the neighborhood every night only two months ago…and then deteriorated so quickly. Hyper-thyroid, kidney and congenital heart disease finally wore him down.

Mick was the sweetest of all the cats we’ve ever had. I never saw him get angry; I never saw him hit anybody…human or cat. Had he been a human, he would’ve been a gentle man like my Dad, Murray, or my Father-in-law, Irving.

I just can’t believe he’s gone. I buried him next to his best friend, Whitey (Ford) at the end of our yard on a hill overlooking Manhattan.”

bee 004 bronx zoo 072 collage 041 colors, mick, whitey 012 December 28 004  mick and jete Mickey 025 mickey in glasses mick's doin something crazy poetry 017

mick 069

hav fun at da bridge, brudder. 

we will meet again sumday.

anudder update widowt a pikshur

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we ar ok.  we hav been widowt power fer 11 dayz.  mi mom an dad went to a weddin an ar inna hotel but me an mi brudder mickey ar holdin down da fort.  matsui an dat kitten ar in da grate owtdoorz.  it iz gointa be in da 60’z dis weekend.

mi brudder shood probubly be gettin fluidz, but life haz been a little upside-down.  he iz actin grate an haz a lotta energy.  he iz takin a grate-big horsepill dat he hatez. he luvz to eet an eet … in fact … he iz back to eetin mi food.  i also saw him cleenin hizself da udder day.  dat iz progress becuz he wuz smellin kinda foul (if u know wut i meen!) 

i asked mi mom to rite dis fer me.

thank u fer yer concern.

i hav asked mi mom to get me a ticket fer da sunshine state, so i cood liv wid auntie bee.

i am jus sayin.

a noo update widowt a pikshur

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brudderz an sistahz.  i asked mi mom to rite to u fer me wile she iz stayin wid frendz hoo hav power.  me an mi brudderz ar in da cold an dark … but we ar cats an we ar stronger dan owr mom an dad.

u will havta beleeve me wen i say dat mi brudder mickey iz doin better.  dr. landefeld haz been widowt power an he needz noo medz … but he iz actin grate! i did not giv mi mom a pikshur so u havta yooz yer imajinashun.

az i sed … we do not hav power but we ar safe an know dat evreethin will get back to normal sumday.  we ar hopin dat da storm predictid fer wednesday an thursday will jus be allotta wind an rain an maybe even snow … but nuthin werse.

thank u fer yer grate concern.

luv–yer frend–jh

From JH’s mom:  Just got back from my 3-day walk. The boys are great.  The house is cold and dark, but we are fine.  Thanks for the purrs and purrayers you have sent our way.

I hope I spelled every word as Jeter would have wanted!