da mos up to da minit report on mi brudder mickey

Posted: October 28, 2012 in Uncategorized


u know … i hate wen i am owtta focus.  duhr. 

da latest on mi brudder iz da followin:  yesturday mi mom an dad brot him to see da grate dr. landefeld.  she sed mi dad (hoo iz now callin hizself “dr. harris” becuz he can giv da fluidz widowt sprayin dem all over mi brudder) iz doin a fine job.  mickey iz now onna speshul diet an takin fluidz an takin udder medz (dat mi mom … da REEL dr. harris … iz givin him.)  he iz walkin arownd da basement an even made a appeerence upstairz on friday nite to meet da company hoo came fer dinner.  (he can’t giv up hiz job az da greeter!)

everycat but joba (stoopid … stoopid … stoopid) iz in da howse waitin fer da big storm dat iz headid owr way. mi mom iz runnin arownd so happy becuz she finally fownd D batteriez … wich, i gess, izza big thing if da litez go owt.  she stocked up on good food fer us so we ar set.  i don’t need da litez or da tv or da stove or da shower so i gess i am ok.  maybe skool will be clozed an i will get to spend quality time wid mi mom.  i know mi dad izzen’t goin anyware becuz all tranzit in noo york iz shut down fer tomorrow. (unless he wantz to walk to get to werk.)

so dere u hav it brudderz an sistahz.  thankz fer all yer purrayerz fer mick.  i think it mite jus be werkin!

  1. Good for Mickey…and BOTH Drs. Harris, MOL!

    Stay safe, alla yous.

  2. We are glad Mickey is doing well and will keep purring for him. We are purring for you all to keep safe in the big storm too.

  3. Hey, Jeter! We’re glad Mickey is doing well. And we hope you all stay safe and sound from the evil Frankenstorm that is on the way.

  4. Max says:

    Paws crossed that Joba comes in. No one wants to be outside when Sandy comes thundering in…

  5. Be safe, Bro. I’m in the same boat, wating for the storm. The winds are picking up here.

  6. We are so very glad Mick is doing better!

    Now, we know you don’t like Joba much, but he really must come in out of the storm. No animal should have to be concerned about being blown or washed away.

    We think that school should be shut down so all the families can be together to prepare for this storm!

  7. We hope you are all okay. We know Long Island suffered badly and we are worrying about you. Take care
    E&F and our mum and dad.

  8. 'Kaika says:

    Oh, man. I am so sad to hear that Mickey has CRF. TouchNot and Schedoni, who had already crossed the Bridge before I came along, had CRF. My mom played doctor to them for a number of years with fluids and meds and supplements and epogen, but they had some good quality of life, which is what she said was important. We are all sending purrs, prayers and warm, healing light to Mickey.

    Pee Ess: We hope everyone is OK after the big storm.

  9. Titus says:

    Me and The Mom have been wondering about Mick. Us old guys need to stick together and all that. We’re so glad to hear that he’s doing better. Hang in there, Mick! We hope things are starting to get back to normal after the hurricane. Those pictures on the news looked kinda askeery.

    Your pal,

    PS – How many days left until Spring Training starts?

  10. 2catmom says:

    I’m glad to hear your brother is feeling better and I hope you got through the storm OK. Maybe you could give us a little update (if you have power) to let us know that you are OK. OK?

  11. Oh, no, we’re behind in news and didn’t know your brother Mickey has been so sick. We are very glad he is doing better and hope he continues to improve, despite the competing Dr. Harrises. We know you’re all taking good care of him. Hope the storm Sandra wasn’t too bad where you are.

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