update on mi brudder, mickey

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

heer izza akshun shot uv me goin down da stairz to see mi brudder mickey tonite.

… an heer iz mi brudder mick.  hiz eyez are clozed an hiz fur iz mussed but he iz owtta da corner an he iz even climbin up on da cowch now.  he weighz abowt az much azza bird … but he iz eetin an drinkin an yoozin da litter box like i sed inna previous post. (i am repeetin miself.)

he iz almost dun wid hiz fluidz so it’z almost time fer him to return to dr. landefeld to get da update on hiz blood an stuff.

we ar moovin along, brudderz an sistahz.  one day atta time.

  1. Way to go Mickey! Get out there and soak up some lovins’!

  2. hugs honey,

    smiles, yab

  3. It is good of you to go downstairs to keep him company. We are sending purrs to Mickey.

  4. Max says:

    Yer a good brother, dood. I’m glad Mickey is eating and drinking, and using the litterbox–aces! Paws are crossed for really good stabby guy report!

  5. We haz been sayin kathlik purrayers and jooish purrayers and kwaanza purrayers to help mickey git well. The FL has bin vary sad that he’s sik cuz he’s da best doorman she’s even known.

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