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Posted: October 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

dis iz mi grate an fabyoolus brudder, mickey.  he wuz feelin a lot better wen he pozed fer dis pikshur.

las week he spent 7 dayz in dr. landefeld’z feline veterinary hospital gettin iv fer hiz kidneyz dat were failin.  hiz hind legz were wobbly an he jus wuzzen’t hizself. (don’t tell him i am tellin u dis … but he wuzza bit smelly.)  finally, he came home an he iz spendin hiz time in a cozy spot dat he likez in da basement.  he iz eetin an drinkin an yoozin da litter box … but he iz not walkin away frum hiz cozy spot.  mi mom givez him a giant pill in da mornin an den torcherz him wid anudder pill in da afternoon.  mi dad givez him fluidz evree nite (an sumday he mite get it rite.)  mi brudder los 2 poundz since dr. landefeld saw him in da summer. 

i am sad. 

i am prayin fer mi 15 yeer ol bes frend an brudder. maybe u cood, too. 

heer’z to u mickey. i luv u man.

  1. most distressful news jeter honey. i will do as you asked and for you as well. i am glad to hear from you though.

    hugs, yab

  2. Jeter, we are all purrin’ our best and loudest for Mickey.
    Please ask your Mom to give him a kiss from ours…

  3. Chey says:

    Oh Mickey–that’s hard. We hope that you are comfortable and that you get lots of love and snuggles. Purrs t all of you-

  4. Max says:

    Dood….you got it. Buddah and I are sending all the Mojo and good wishes and thoughts and prayers we can. I hope he feels better ASAP and that nothing is hurting…

  5. Cmon, Mickey, just cos the Yankees gave up doesn’t mean you have to. Pull yourself together because yesterday was the birthday of the great Mickey Mantle. Healing purrz to you, bro.

  6. Karen from texas says:

    my heart is heavy but my hopes are high. giving fluids really does help – as does Hills Science Diet KD formula. hugs.

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