da day iz finally heer!

Posted: August 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

today iz da day i will try mi catty stackz, brudderz an sistahz.

mi mom finally put dem together da correct way so i am good to go.

i will enter frum da right.  notice mi tail iz swishin back an forth.  i am verry eksited.

lookit dis … i can pop mi face owtta da corner.  i luv it.  i can pop mi hole head owtta da hole on da top … but i won’t let mi mom take a pikshur uv dat.

an lookit dis.  i can sit on top uv mi catty stackz … an dey won’t collapse!!!!!

i luv mi catty stackz.  thank u again an again reeb. yer da gratest!

ab … catty stackz wood be fun fer u to hav on yer balcony. i sugjest u get rid uv yer fancy furnicher an yooz deez catty stackz insted. 

i am jus sayin.

  1. Donny bro! says:

    Wow – we would be totally jealous – esp Marie!!! She would give anything for a box or 3…yes! anything!! Even her most favourite temptations!! Looks so fun!

  2. donny an marie!!!! mi brudder mickey iz so eksited to heer dat yer still dere! he missez u an yerz!

  3. Cheysuli says:

    They do look like a cool place to hang out. I wish I had some…

  4. Reeb says:

    You look very cool in and on them. You just need a blanket, some pictures for the walls and a snack machine. Then for some change of scenery you can stand them up so they’re on top of each other–that might be fun!

    • jhhizself says:

      gess wut i fownd, reeb … i fownd da direkshunz fer mi mom. dey were in da box wid da thingz dat hold da stackz together.
      mi mom … duhr. do u know wut i meen?

  5. grate idea puppy but i doubt they would hold up my bee-hind!

    smiles, yab

  6. Reeb says:

    Yeah, I knew there were directions in the box but I thought your mom already looked at those. Laffin. I hope you brudders check them out soon!

    I bet the kids at school would love to assemble catty stacks!

  7. Boris Kitty says:

    Jeter u look slikes a bog boy like me! Ma human never cutted out ma catty stacks so I can no gets in dem. I gonna makes her gets to cuttin mines. I wants in ma Catty Stacks too! *stamps paw*

  8. Max says:

    Man, don’t let Buddah see this. He’ll just want one and he just GOT something new…

  9. We like the way you can sit on your catty stackz and look all around. You can keep a lookout for the kitten Joba from there.

  10. I am pritty amayzed that it didn’t cave in win you sat on it. Maybe Trip wood like sum Catty Stax.

  11. WOO HOO!!!!! Those catty stacks sure look fun! We are glad your MOm got yours all put together. Now if you need to, you can hide from that orange cat!

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