raccoonz an freckelz

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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i cooden’t beleev mi eyez … raccoonz! four uv ’em … in da daylite!  dey were babiez hoo were jus abowt da size uvva healthy cat … sorta mi size!  mi mom an i fownd dis to be disturbin becuz raccoonz ar, az u may or mayen’t know, nitetime animalz called “nocturnal.”

can u see one uv ’em in mi tree?  can u see dat it iz still daytime?  wut da heck? get owtta mi tree stoopid baby raccoon.

in udder nooz … mi mom wuz lookin at dat stoopid kitten, joba today an wuz wunderin abowt da black spotz on hiz noze, hiz eyelidz, an even on hiz lipz.

can u see dem?  well … it iz sumthin called “lentigo simplex” … in udder werdz … freckelz!  i havta admit … i wuz a little concerned fer dat stoopid kitten, but mi mom sed:

“They are completely harmless, puppy.  Your sweet little orange brother is fine.”

sweet little oranje brudder …


pee ess … i think da best way fer u reederz (dat meenz u reeb) to see doze teeny, tiny commentz iz to go to “view” an click on “zoom in”  i can’t think uv any udder way.  da end.
  1. Cheysuli says:

    I thought you were writing about raccoons with freckles!

  2. Max says:

    Dood…go outside and find out if raccoons taste like chicken. We’ll all wait here for your report…

  3. Reeb says:

    We have a family of raccoons around here but they haven’t come to our house. The neighbors say they live in the gutters and leave big piles of stinky stuff in their yard.

    Pebbles, my orangie sister, has freckles!

    Try this to enlarge / reduce your font…I just playin’ with you.

    CTRL +
    CTRL –

    Love, Reeb

    • We have coonz. I watch em at nite on my patrols. The babeez are vary kyoot. We see babeez during the day too. I think they don’t know yet that thare suppost to sleep during the day. Thare mom comes up at nite and naps on her bak on our dek. The FL sez she’s happy to git away frum da kidz for a wile.

  4. I have got nose and lip freckles too. I was going to say about Ctrl too to make the writing bigger, except mum holds it down and turns the scroll wheel when she is using the mouse. It does the same thing.

  5. boy those comments ARE tiny jeter!

    smiles, yab

  6. Crazy raccoons!

    I has those freckles too! ~~~Orion

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