mi mom getz to werk

Posted: August 4, 2012 in Uncategorized
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u may or mayen’t remember dat mi best frend in da werld, reebok da grate, sent me a gift earlier dis week.  i hav been beggin mi mom to get to werk an put mi catty stacks together.  dis mornin she did da job.

heer she iz, doin da preliminary foldin an insertin.  it wuz eksitin fer me to watch her follow da unwritten instrukshunz.

wile she wuz werkin away, i wuz enjoyin playin wid da stuff dat held da stacks together.  i wuz laffin an laffin an havin sum fun.

next, mi mom popped owt da inner circlez so a mancat uv mi … girth … cood fit in da holez.  i also enjoyed playin wid da circlez.

da finished product lookz eksellent … an i am prowd to say dat mi mom only had to take it apart once becuz she put it together wrong.  i think dat izza record fer her.

heer i am inspectin da stacks.  it lookz like dey will not collapse …

reeb … i luv u wid all mi hart an wish dat we cood play in deez stackz together. thank u.  life iz alwayz grate wen a cat like me hazza bes frend like u.

  1. Cheysuli says:

    I can’t wait to see how much you enjoy running through it now that it’s built! Woo Hoo!

  2. They look like fun, but what was your mum insinuating when she made the holes bigger!

  3. Those inner circles might be a nice toy all by themselves. Enjoy your new catty stacks.

  4. That looks like fun. Wonder how many days it would take Jan to assemble those stacks?

  5. Reeb says:

    Glad your mom put your catty stacks together and made some of the holes bigger so that a mancat with your muscles can fit through! Get ready cuz’ I’m comin’ over to chase you through them!

    P.S. I hope when your mom took them apart it was to fix the connecting tabs cuz’ they are supposed to be turned inside the boxes:


    Love you back,

  6. Those look very fun Jete!!! We recently recieved your package! Thank you for t he goodies. We had fun playing your guessing game on Mousebreath! Meowm says she will endeavor to get some pictures of us for you! We all laffed and laffed when we pulled that little item out of the package!

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