da werkowt continyooz

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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i’m not big on toyz an stuff … but dis turbo scratcher izza personal favrit.  heer i am scratchin da cardboard inner circle.  it’z grate eksercize fer mi clawz.


next i am playin wid da ping-pong ball dat goez rownd an rownd da track fer howrz uv enjoyment.


finally … after a grate an swetty werkowt … i hit da showerz.

da end.

(ab … do u havva turbo scratcher? an wut abowt u, hugh?  do u have one?  jus wunderin.)

  1. Cheysuli says:

    Sadly I do not have such a toy. I am so deprived…

  2. becordle says:

    jeter i don’t have one but i have water wates. they are pink. skeezie would love them!

    smiles, yab

  3. 'Kaika says:

    I don’t have cool toys like yours, so I have to catch my own toys from outside in the cat run and bring them into the house to play. Frogs are still my favorites.

  4. Max says:

    We have one…but I don’t have front claws so I don’t use it much. Buddah likes to bat the ball around once in a while, but mostly he just plops down on it like it’s a bed. Yeah, really…he’s just not quite right in the head, I don’t think…

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