giftz … frum me to u … an frum reeb to me

Posted: July 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
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mi brudderz an sistahz … dis iz mi gift to u … frum da bottom uv mi …


mi mom dug it up frum mi litter box fer u.  i hope u know it meenz i luv u.

in udder nooz … i received a gift frum mi bes frend in da werld … reebok da grate!

i wuz so eksited.  i cooden’t wate to open it an see wut “catty stacks modular cat condos sky blue” wuz.

i can’t wate fer mi mom to put it together fer me an mi brudderz. 

if u look closely, however, u will see a red eksclamashun point after da “20 lbs” warnin.  if u recall, earlier dis summer mi mom asked me if i wuz 100 lbs or sumthin.  

reely, brudderz an sistahz, duz dis look like 100 lbs. to u? 

i luv u reeb, an i hope yer reedin dis.  wen mi noo condo iz constructid … i will send a pikshur to u!


  1. Zack & Zoey says:

    Wow, Reeb is a super best friend to send you Catty Stacks! They are alot of fun!!

    What a heartfelt pee gift. Purrfect!

  2. Cheysuli says:

    I cannot wait to see the condo you construct! How exciting!

  3. We love you to Jeter, but somehow, the circles the Momma dug up didn’t have quite the same meaning!

  4. Reeb says:

    Jeter, I sent you two boxes for now to see how you and your brudderz like them! There’s an option to make some of the holes bigger and that’s what Mom did for all of ours because she didn’t want me to get stuck in the holes and I’m not even a 100lbs. MOL!

    I’ll check back here to see your pikshurs!

    Love, Reeb

  5. Looks like your catty stacks will be lots of fun. That was a very thoughtful gift from you too.

  6. 'Kaika says:

    I always knew you were talented, but wow — pee hearts!

    And those cat cubes rock! Reeb is truly a grate friend!

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