noo cap … an stuff

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Uncategorized
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well … it wuzza bowt time fer me to get a noo cap an heer i am warin it.  i jus luv warin clothez … can’t u tell? 

mi brudder mickey haz been wakin mi mom up earlier an earlier.  las nite it wuz 2:30.  he diden’t wanna go owt an he diden’t even wanna eet.  he jus wanned to wake mi mom up.  inna dazed stooper, she thot da clock sed 4:30 so she got owtta da bed so mick wooden’t bother mi dad … hoo needz hiz byooty sleep.  i wuz kinda happy, too, becuz i like talkin to mi mom wen most uv da rest uv da werld iz sleepin.  good thing it’z summer vacashun.  she wooden’t be too happy wid dis if she had to go to da skool.

i am havin sum trubbel gettin yoosed to dis noo blog.  i like da way it lookz, but i can’t figyer owt da font sizez … incloodin yer grate commentz.  i rote to da manajement an hope to get sum anserz.  it makez me feel stoopid dat i can’t get dis thing to werk rite.

las nite we had sum severe stormz an it wuz pretty fritenin.  mi mom wuz tryin to convince dat stoopid kitten, joba, to come in da howse … but he refyoozed … wich iz fine wid me.  he izzen’t called “stoopid” fer nuthin u know.

da end.


  1. Cheysuli says:

    It could be part of the template design. You might need to see if you can edit the template or possibly even have to chose a different one. I don’t know if you can make those changes on You are limited there in what you can do.

  2. Your new cap is very smart. Our mum would not be happy being woken at 2.30 because she doesn’t go to bed before 1am because she is not a good sleeper. I always wait until 3am before I sing to the moon. We think your new look is great and hope you can get the font sorted. We scroll the font bigger so we can check our comment when we publish it.

  3. becordle says:

    oh qyoot cap jeter!

    smiles, yab

  4. 'Kaika says:

    You look like the cat in my mirror!

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