mi favrit spots–a thursday 13

Posted: July 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

wow … i sorta look like a hansum moovie star in dis pikshur … i am jus sayin. 

i am sittin on mi favrit spot, which iz da clothez hamper.  dis makez me think dat i hav a lotta favrit spotz … let’z see if i can name 13 an dis will be mi first thursday 13 in a long time! 

1–on top uv da clothez hamper (but i already sed dat) 

2–wid mi head in da sink tryin to lick da juice owtta da canz uv catfood 

3–in da den nex to da doorz so i can relax in da sun 

4–in mi mom’z closet becuz it smellz good in dere 

5–under da bed in mi sistahz room.  wen i get stuck in dere i like to claw at da brand noo carpet so i can dig mi way owt 

6–in da basement on da compyooter desk 

7–in da basement on da chair fer da compyooter desk 

8–nex to mi brudder mickey jus to make sure he iz still breethin

  9–in da livin room on da afghan dat iz almos 70 yeerz old

  10–on da kitchen table 

11–on da kitchen cownter lookin owt da back door 

12–under mi brudder mike’z bed

an #13–nex to mi mom.  dis iz mi favrit spot an her’z, too! 

wow, brudderz an sistahz, i jus did a thursday 13!  life iz grate!

  1. becordle says:

    great spots jeter!

    smiles, yab

  2. Cheysuli says:

    Those are all great spots.

  3. You have lots of good spots to sit. We haven’t seen a T13 for ages.

  4. pee-ess
    We were wondering why your comments print so small because we can hardly read them.

  5. 'Kaika says:

    Great spots, Jete. If I were allowed on the counters, I would like #2, too!

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