wite cat wednesday

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Imageheer iz da mos recent pikshur uv mi brudder … mickey.  dis iz sumthin he duz much uv da time.  he also climbz on da roof an talkz an talkz.  he luvz to eet an wood eet evree minit uv da day if he cood.  he still likez to spend a lot uv hiz time in da grate owtdoorz, unlike yerz trooley.  i still luv mi brudder’z fat wite tale … even tho it’z not az fat az it once wuz.  in fact … mi brudder, hizself, iz not az fat az he once wuz.  i gess dat’z wut happenz wen u get older.

  1. Cheysuli says:

    White tails are great to hang with. It’s good of you to keep an eye on him

  2. Lilly I loved the red sox even when the stink Lu ( LL) says:


    i have a big sad i have spent menny hours mewoing at the tv and my mama is been yelling but it oofical this year my boys have let me down they offialy suck but i not going to change my soxs to strips just yet

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