Posted: June 3, 2012 in Uncategorized


i amma formerly feral feline hoo got hiz beginninz inna parkin lot.  i liv on lon guyland wid mi mom an dad an brudderz mickey mantle, matsui, an dat stoopid kitten joba.  i yoozed to enjoy da grate owtdoorz but a stoopid kitten (hoo shall remane nameless) fixed dat … so now i am sumwut uvva howsecat.  i luv da noo york yankeez.  da end.

  1. becordle says:

    and you’re qyoote too, don’t forget that part!

    hugs, yab

  2. We have coonz hoo poop on top of the shed. It looks like big cat poop, but not sqwerty like mine. Do yoo have coonz?

  3. Yes sirreeeeee … We got da coonz ….

  4. 'Kaika says:

    Yeah, we got coonz, too. But so far, no pooping on the roof. The only kinda poop I wanna see on my roof is left by reindeer in December.

  5. Lilly I loved the red sox even when the stink Lu ( LL) says:

    JH LL here i am a bit sad you would want to run off wiff daisy the currly cat By the way this year my boys stinks that valintine is doing nothing no my YOoook is gone to the white sox and i got a big big sad Frst youk and now you

  6. AttieCattie says:

    what? poopies? ew, and oh dears.

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