jackson galaxy … mi hero

Posted: June 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

so i got a amazin gift frum mi bes frend

it’z da book  cat daddy   by da verry hansum an fabyoolus jackson galaxy. 

da book iz full uv “tips for raising happy, healthy cats!”  dis wuz verry intrestin fer me … az i need a fyoo tipz fer deelin widda certain problum. so i wuz reedin on page 46 dat

” Cats CAN Be Trained”

i read abowt “clicker training”  an heer iz wut i read: 

“clicker training is a training system based on positive reinforcement … to achieve a desired result to help you get along better with your cat.” 

i cooden’t find da clicker … but i am hopin da blackberry will werk.

i wood like to ask mister galaxy abowt dat cat on hiz shoulder.  it lookz verry similar to a stoopid kitten i know.


  btw … it lookz like mister galaxy’z cat reelly, reelly luvz him becuz hiz hair iz completely eetin. 

i am jus sayin.

  1. Cheysuli says:

    You are so lucky you got that book!

  2. becordle says:

    i saw cats in key west jump through a ring of fire and do all sorts of un-catlike things. don’t do that. ok?

    smiles, yab

  3. 'Kaika says:

    Hey, Jete, let us know how that Blackberry training works on that kitten. Maybe you can ask your mom to get a clicker for you if you’re still having trouble. I think I would like to try to clicker train Tanith. (My mom is laffin’ and laffin’!)

  4. Do yoo think I could clikker trane Tripper so he won’t jump on me? I furgot to ask Jacksie that win I met hime.

  5. It is so cool that you got that book! Meowm is thinking she wants to read it!

    We was laffin’ and laffin’ about Jackson being very love cause he has no hair…..we would have to hurka alot of hairballs if we tried to love Meowm that much!

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