i spent da day in da clozet

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

i amma little embarrassed to tell u dat i wuz in da clozet all day wen i shooduv been in da grate owtdoorz today.  

mi dad duzzen’t understand … but mi mom duz.  she knowz dat da stench uv stoopid kitten keepz me indoorz.

but dat’z old nooz fer you.

speekin uv mi mom … i hav become very fond uv eetin her hair.  do any uv you reederz enjoy eetin yer mom or dad’z hair?  i am jus wunderin abowt dis.

in udder nooz:  mi brudder mickey iz gettin old az you may or mayen’t know.  i meen he just plopz down an sleepz warever he iz.  it’z quite amazing.  but he duz dis thing every morning dat iz really amazing.  he climbz up to da top uv da roof (not da first roof but da top roof dat iz high up above da treez) an he standz at da skylite an sez da followin inna verry loud voice:

“feed me.  feed me.  gimme food now.  it iz 5:30 a.m. an time fer you to feed me.”

mi mom thinkz dat it iz so grate, she jumpz owtta da bed … even onna sunday … an openz da bafroom window … pickz mi brudder up an hugz him an kissez him an feedz us all.

wutta trick … especially fer a old man!

da end.

  1. the clozet? jeter honey pie, nooooo, not the clozet! come owt and play!

    smiles, yab

  2. Cheysuli says:

    Oh well so long as you were occupied with a good cause then Jeter…

  3. Max says:

    I love napping in the closet…as long as I don’t get locked in there WHICH TOTALLY HAPPENED TO ME THIS WEEK.

    I like to chew on the Woman’s hair…depends on which shampoo she’s used. I REALLY like to nom it when it’s still wet. And if she’s used the Head and Shoulders in the dark blue bottle. It’s the best.

  4. Max wood also say that if Mickey wood yell at the skylite at 5am to git brekfist, then yer mom woodn’t hafta git up at 5:30.

  5. We actually have a closet wide open now, but we don’t sleep in it! We are sorry you feel like you have to hang out in the closet though.

    That Mickey must have some charm to get your Mom up that early. Ours would just throw a pillow at us if we tried that.

  6. Oh and about the hair thing, Orion likes to lay on Meowms hair…….????? Other than that, we leave it alone. Sammy did try to chew on Meowms toe the other day, does that count?

  7. Karen from texas says:

    … itsa loving, grooming thang (and just ask any tasty faces about the lovin’, groomin’ thang)

  8. 'Kaika says:

    Sorry that you and the kitten who shall remain nameless are still having, um, issues. But hey, I’d sleep in the closet, too, if I could get away with it.

    About the hair thing, one of our ones-who-came-before used to chew my mom’s hair. His name was “Shellshock,” ‘Nuff said. Maybe your hair chewing is a stress response?

    And score one for the Mickster! Well done!

  9. 'Kaika says:

    My mom just found this link and here’s what it says about hair-chewing:


    “Human Hair Chewing – Do you wake up to your cat chewing on your hair? This is a lot more common than you think! Adult cats often do this as an affectionate way of grooming you the way a mother would to her kittens. Interestingly, this behavior is more prevalent in Siamese and other Asian breeds because they are typically more anxious; chewing hair is calming to them.”

    Are you part Siamese???

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