mi noo diet

Posted: April 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

az u know, i hav put on sum weight.

well brudderz an sistahz, i hav fownd da anser to mi prayerz!  it iz morning star farms tomato an basil pattiez an, at only 120 caloriez, i shood be in fightin shape before u know it!  wen mi mom eetz deez i jump outta mi fur!  i luv ’em.

unfortunately mi mom won’t lemme eet ’em becuz dey ar herz!  but i am werken outta plan dat will allow me to take a patty outta da box an pop it in da microwave at any time!

stay tooned.

  1. Max says:

    Crap….I had this whole nice thing written out and wordpress got all dooshy on me and wouldn’t let me comment because it doesn’t want me to use my regular email address. Sheesh. In short: make sure there’s no onion in that stuff before you eat it. Cats and onions don’t go together…

  2. We hope you get that worked out soon!

  3. We are sure you will work out a plan before too long.

  4. Maobert says:

    Wow. Yer hedding into Chey territory there, big guy!

  5. 'Kaika says:

    What Max said. But honestly, my friend, I love you just the way you are.

  6. Cheysuli says:

    I say, eat them anyway! And when did you move WordPress and why wasn’t I informed? Sigh…

  7. hey mom, please let jeter have sum….

    smiles, yab

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