Posted: April 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

i am layin low.

goin owtside iz jus not in da cardz fer me.  i wuz havin no trubble gettin into da storm thing wid da grate over it … but gettin owt wuz not easy … an really, frendz, dere wuz noware else fer me to go wen dat stoopid kitten started in wid me.

so … dis iz like rehab fer me.  i am stayin in da grate indoorz until i’m feelin up to bravin da grate owtdoorz again.

da weather iz coolin down an it’z gointa rain anyway so wut da heck.

wen yer a howsecat, dere iz not too much to talk abowt.  it’z nap upstairz … den getta snack … den yooz da litter boxez … den nap in da basement … den getta snack … den jus wander arownd wunderin wen mi mom iz gointa get home an open a can uv food fer me.

i miss da grate owtdoorz.

i miss lissenin to da jeterbird an rollin arownd in da green grass.  i miss hangin owt on da wall an talkin to mi brudder matsui wile gettin sum sun.  i miss runnin arownd an gettin sum exercize.

wut i don’t miss iz …

dat’z rite …

dat stoopid kitten joba!

do i sound depressed?

jus wunderin.

maybe i will rite poetry dis weekend an watch a baseball game or two.  (da yankeez ar in boston … alwayz a grate match up!)

but i won’t be goin owtside.

an fer now, brudderz an sistahz, dat’z

da end.

  1. oh poor baby… want me to whap that stupid kitten?

    hugs, yab

  2. Max says:

    Dood, you just gotta watch everything going on around you. There’s a ton of stuff going on inside that you can write about. People DO things…

  3. Jeter we wish you and Joba could just learn to ignore each other. Is there a part of your garden that could be fenced off for you that he couldn’t get into?

  4. 'Kaika says:

    Jeter, my friend, I read your post and now I am sad. If I was there, I could nag at Joba until he wanted to go into the house or maybe even into the storm grate. Tanith said I’m excellent at bugging kitties (meaning herelf). Then you could go outside and have a grate time!

  5. Jete, you shoodn’t say yer in rehab. Just say yer being treeted fur exhaustion. I’ve met moovey stars, so I know this stuff. And Tripper is gitting his stink all over yer dugout. Just sayin.

  6. We think you need a catio! A nice space outside that is for you where Joba can’t get to you! You must have a discussion with your Mom about setting one up for you!

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