comin owtta da clozet

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

well brudderz an sistahz, i hav been puttin u wid a number uv hyooman introoderz fer sum time.  da last uv da introoderz finallee left da howse yesterday … an dat meenz dat i wuz able to finallee leev mi hidin place in da clozet.

i wuz so happee … i decided to leev da howse!  yup! mi deer old dad let me owtta da howse an i went into da backyard.  mi mom wuz verree concerned an sed “Ronnie!  Please!  Jeter is stuck in the back!  I need you to help!”

mi dad pretendid to look an sed “He’s fine!” but mi mom decided to take thingz into her own handz.

dis iz ware she fownd me hidin frum dat stoopid kitten joba:

it took sum coaxin on mi mom’z part to get me owtta dis grate hidin place up above mi backyard.

az u may or mayen’t recall … bein a howsecat meenz dat i hav put on a fyoo powndz.  it wuz easier gettin in den it wuz gettin owt.

i am jus sayin.

da end.


  1. Buddy says:

    Hi Jete, glad to see you came owt of hidin’. I don’t like wen vizters come either. I just go in mom’s room and snuggle up on her bed. Then wen they’re all gone she comes to tell me it’s safe. Finny and Jazzy like viziters tho. Finny reely likes Granma and Grampa. I like Grampa too, I guess. But mostly I love my mom and Ant Marjie.

    Yore frend Buddy

  2. jeter honey pie! stop going in there! you kould go on wate wachers wid yer mom!

    smiles, yab

  3. joanne says:

    now, everytime I hear you say “da grate owtdoorz” I will think of the grate, outdoors. Stay out of those places, silly boy. tell Joba you dropped you food down there, maybe you can finalee get rid of him for a while

  4. HAHAHAHA!!! Great/grate: that’s grate!

  5. Oh noes Jeter!!!!! that is not a good place to be stuck!

  6. Sorry you got stuck hiding outside and couldn’t write your column this week for Mousebreath. We can’t figure out who Harrison Jeter is, but you’d be proud of the job he did pinch-hitting for you.

  7. Max says:

    Holy chit dood!

    Plus…I have been missing your posts because I =duh= did not update my reader and nothin’ was showing up. And here I thought wordpress was all intuitive and would magically do it for me…

  8. 'Kaika says:

    Oh dear! Jete, stay outta the grate! The outdoors is fine, but don’t go into the grate. Maybe Joba can be put in time out while you are enjoying the back yard. It’s better than you hiding in the grate again.

  9. Titus says:

    Dood. Sometimes I wish I could hide from EG in a grate. But I gotta ask – did your mom say, Jeter, puppy, come out of there? I love it when she calls you puppy. A cat gettin’ called puppy? It freaks me out. My The Mom only calls me “dawg.” Maybe I can convince her to call me “puppy” instead. Or I could move to Lon Guyland and live with you and your mom could call me puppy. Except that Joba kinda terrifies me, too. Maybe I’ll just stay in the Mitten State and stick with EG. 😦 Hope you made it out of the grate, dood.

    Your pal,

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