pardin mi back!

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

i wuz watchin da activity by da lite in mi backyard.  dere were sum mothz … an i wuz havin sum fun pretendin dat i cood catch dem frum da inside!  i am sure dat kitten joba wuz watchin me frum da owtside an laffin!

i did go owtside fer a short wile tonite wen mi mom got home frum da skool.  matsui wuz by mi side an encourijing me … but after jus a fyoo minitz i came back in da grate indoorz.

in udder nooz …

mi mom an i were watchin da biggest loozer tonite.

da food lady will tell u dat i hav put on a fyoo ekstra powndz since becomin a indoor cat.  i wuz wunderin if a cat haz ever been a biggest loozer contestant.

  1. We bet your extra plumpness is nice to cuddle!

  2. i think it’s the camera, you know it adds pounds honey…

    hugz, yab

  3. More of you to cuddle, more of you to love!

  4. kattonicmom says:

    Purrsonally, we think it looks good on you, whatever ‘it’ is, dis is sumthing dat mom sed…we don’t get it.

  5. Karen Jo says:

    There is just more of you to love. Chasing moths is great fun, indoors or out.


  6. jankd says:

    Hope you had a good Passover.

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