sumthin so eksitin … i am jumpin up an down.

Posted: April 1, 2012 in Uncategorized
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i awoke dis mornin to da warmth uv da sun on mi fur … an da tweetin uv da jeter bird in mi eerz.  mi mom called sweetly frum da kitchen:

“Jeter, puppy, your breakfast is ready!”

i ran down da starez an ate mi entire brekfast all by miself!  it wuz grate.  i went owtside fer a wile … jus to get sum fresh air an sum excercize.  mickey ran by mi side an matsui an joba watched az i laffed an laffed an had sum fun.  wen i came back in da howse … dere wuz mi bes frend, da food lady, wid sumthin grate to tell me.

she sed “Jeter, I so love being here in your house … with your family.  I especially love waking up and knowing that I will be seeing you.  I have decided that I am going to send for Skeezix and we are going to live with you forever.”

i cooden’t beleeve mi eerz.

i asked “but wut abowt mister tasty face an tripper an mao?”

da food lady replide “Oh … they will stay in Castro Valley (tra la, tra la) but you and Skeezix and your wonderful family and I will always be together here in Port Washington the most beautiful place in the world.”

brudderz an sistahz, da day haz jus begun … but wut a day it iz so far!

life iz grate!

happee april foolz day.

luv–yer frend–jh

  1. oh jeter you are such a tricky boy! happee april foolz day to you too honey!

    hugz, yab

    pee ess: food ladie, i miss skeezix’s blog!

    • duhr … i rote a hole response to yer fabyoolus comment an lost it.
      izzen’t it grate dat u can manoover over to da noo blog frum da old blog? grate.
      heer iz da link to skeezix’z blog (it’z grate)

  2. psychokitty says:


    But on a seriously thing…Dood, the new blog looks AWESOME but the type is sooooo tiny…

  3. HarHarHar! Happy April Fools Day Jeter!

  4. Happy April Fools day! You got us good!!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. We had the same thoughts when Skeez announced today they’re moving in with you. We forgot it is April Fool’s Day. Glad you reminded us. 🙂 Anew blog? what’s wrong with your old one?

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