da food lady arrivez!

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Uncategorized


brudderz an sistahz … da food lady haz arrived!  it iz so eksitin … we are doin nuthin but laffin an laffin!

tonite we are havin sum fun creatin a noo blog fer me.  i am so happee.  it wood be grate if we cood akshooallee put a title on mi noo blog.

i am hopin dat we can finish dis at sum time in da neer fyoocher.

pleez vizit again.  i wood luv to reed yer commentz.

luv–yer frend–jeter harris

pee ess … A TITLE!  life iz grate!

  1. jhhizself says:

    wow … dis iz amazin, brudder!
    da food lady mus be da gratest!
    good luck on yer noo blog!

  2. prancer pie says:

    Jeter, you look great and so does the blog. Haf a pawsome Sunday. xoxo

  3. nannanb69 says:

    Have fun with the Food Lady! We like the spiffy new blog

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