sumone iz comin fer a vizit!

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Uncategorized
do u know hoo dis iz?
yes … yes … it’z yerz troolee …
but wut abowt dat lady wid da blonde hare feedin me treetz?
dat’z rite!
it’z mi bes frend da food lady!
an she’z comin soon.
i can’t wate!
i am busy trying to convince mi brudder mickey to giv hizself a bath …
i cooden’t convince mi mom to cleen da growt.
i hope she takez me owt fer sum pizza or sumthin.
i am just sayin. 
in udder nooz …
mi mom an i ar watchin baseball.
it’z spring trainin!
life iz grate!

pee ess–i think mi grate frend ‘kaika wuz referrin to joba chamberlain in hiz comment to me on march 25th.
mi mom luvz joba chamberlain an wuz verree upset wen he seveerly injered hiz ankle.  i hope he makez a fast an total recuvery … an pitchez fer da noo york yankeez again soon.
thank u ‘kaika.

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