a poem

Posted: March 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
in da past 
a day like dis one
wood make me skreem an showt.
i wood stand by da door
an look up at mi mom an say
“i wanna go owttttt.”
deez dayz i stay
inside da howse 
an all uv u reederz know why
i stay indoorz
an get sumwut fat … an
 it’z all acownt uv …
dis guy.
an wile he haz fun
jus runnin arownd
an gettin sum fresh air an sunlite …
i play wid mi pickle,
an dat’z not so bad,
but i’m feelin jus a little bit uptite.
will dis ever get better?
will i ever go owt
wen it’z summer an oh so hot?
az long az dat kitten iz
stinkin up da place
i feer da anser iz …
definitlee not.
by yer frend–jeter harris
da end.

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