back to da skool

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Uncategorized
well brudderz an sistahz … it’z back to da grind.
mi mom iz goin back to da skool after a week off wid me an dat meenz dat i havta get back to werk.
i havta patrol da howse fer introoderz … make sure  dat i get in enuff nap time … havva snack … lissen to mi brudder mickey wine an cry all day dat he’z “soooo hungry … gimme something to eat please.”  i havvta  make sure dat kitten iz owtside ware he belongz … an i havta nap an snack an nap.
wow … dat’z allotta werk fer me.
i will miss mi mom … but she’ll be home fer dinner …
an den we will play.
da end.
(uv vakashun)

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