sunday mornin … an i almos venchur owtta da howse

Posted: February 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
mi brudder matsui wuz goin owtside dis mornin an he invited me to join him in da grate owtdoorz … so …
i thot abowt it an decided … “why not!”
i jumped off da windowsill an crept slowly to da back door ware mi brudder wuz watin.
i carefully made mi way onto da welcome mat … an …
spent a minit or two wid mi brudder.
i wan u to know …
it smellz uv stoopid kitten owt dere.
so i came inside to tell u abowt dis.
da end.
pee ess … i hav been anserin yer commentz.  it iz grate fer two reezonz …
1-i anser kweschunz rite on da spot … or thank u fer yer grate advice … or, in da case uv one speshul frend, comment on improoved spellin.
an 2–it makez it look like i have so many reederz!
jus sayin.

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