Posted: February 23, 2012 in Uncategorized
i hate spam.  
i meen … i never tasted da stuff dat comez in da can … an dat iz probublee tastee … i hate da spam dat clogz up mi blog.  so i am sure u know dat i wuz jumpin up an down wen i discovered dat blogger, itself, wuz serchin fer spam on mi blog.  unforchoonatlee … i had to reed thru it to make sure dey diden’t think dat a messij frum, let’z say, skeezix or somecat, duzzen’t get marked az spam.  so one uv da messijez i got wuz abowt sumthin called “viagra.”  i wuzzen’t sure uv wut dat wuz so i asked mi mom.  she sed da followin:  
“Puppy … You don’t have to know about Viagra.  Delete it.” 
an so … i did … becuz i alwayz lissen to mi mom.  
da end.

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