mi noo look … an figyerin it owt.

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Uncategorized
well …  by now u know i havva noo look.
not me … i look almos da same eksept fer sum ekstra powndz dat we ar not gointa talk abowt at dis time.
mi blog hazza noo look.
i wanned it to be fancy like mi bes frend skeezix’z blog.  hiz iz like profeshunal or sumthin.
i wuz jus sorta playin arownd an came up wid dis. it’z intrestin.  i los sum uv da stuff i had in da side bar dat i liked … but maybe i can werk on dat.  i like da diffrent stuff like “magazine” an “…” i can’t remember widowt seein it.  but i reelee like dat i can comment on yer commentz.  so come back to see wut i hav to say.
abowt da title … “mad howsecat an noo york yankees fan”  i’m not reelee mad.  jus a little annoyed by dat stoopid kitten.  mi mom told me dere wuz sumthin called “diary of a mad housewife” sum time ago an i fownd dat to be amyoozin. so i desided dat dis iz da blog uvva mad howsecat (since i’mma howsecat now.)
i thot u mite wan to know dis.
in udder nooz … someone named “julien brightside” fownd me an i like dat name.
he sed he fownd wut i had to say “hilarious.”
dat made me laff an laff.
da end.

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