sunday … anudder week in da life uvva mad howsecat beginz

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
dis mornin, after brekfast, mi mom took owt sum toyz fer me an mi brudder mickey.  she wuz wurried dat i’m not gettin da eksersize dat i wood be gettin if i wuz still enjoyin da grate owtdoorz.
well … mi brudder mickey liked dat thing dat lookz like a giraffe … called a “kong kickeroo” … an he played wid it fer sum time.
i diden’t.
i wen upstarez an looked at mi reflekshun in da ipad.
iz dere sumthin rong wid dis?
jus wunderin.
purrsonallee … i reelee luved whitney houston an i am verree sad dat she iz gone.
but i know dat she iz at peace now.
i know dat becuz mi mom told me so.
da end.

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