13 thingz mi mom couldda brought home frum da zoo

Posted: June 7, 2007 in Uncategorized
az u mite or miten’t remember … mi mom went to da bronx zoo on a feeld trip dis week. i wuz verree disappointid dat she onlee brought 2 thingz home fer me … da monkeez an da pretend caterpillar.
it woulda been nice if she had brought sum uv da followin 13 thingz home fer me.
1– dis baboon
2–a polar bear
3–a gorilla
4–all kindz uv mice an ratz frum da mowse howse (i woulda liked dat)
5–a tortoise
6–a baby giraffe (dat woulda been eksitin!)
7–baby gorillaz (dat woulda been verree eksitin!)
8–grate catz
9–wild d-o-gz
10–batz … batz … batz!
11–a peacock (dat woulda been byootiful)
12–da talkin bird
13–cotton candee. i woulda liked sum cotton candee. duhr.

nex time mi mom goez to da bronx zoo … i’ll send her widda list!

luv–yer frend–jh


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