matsui monday

Posted: June 4, 2007 in Uncategorized
dis iz mi not so noo anymor brudder matsui.

in response to mi noo frendz adan an micheco i am dedicatin today’z post to da not so little anymor guy.

he luvz da grate owtdoorz.
he iz a grate athleet.
he’z fun to play wid.

he wuz named fer dis man … noo york yankee left feelder mr. hideki matsui hizself.

akshulalee … he could be a intern at mao an rocky’z vishus deer repelunt world hedqwarterz.

i am laffin an laffin!

luv–yer frend an matsui’z brudder–jh

da yankeez win … da yankeez win.


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