toothee grin tuesday

Posted: May 22, 2007 in Uncategorized
frum now on … to avoid any mor discushun uv mi teeth …

no more toothee smilez frum yer frend jh…

dis iz da kinda smile u will be seein.

i will be goin to da dentist to see abowt da sitchooashun in mi mowth.

i’m laffin an laffin wid mi mowth clozed!

OUCH! da grate derek jeter wuz hit by a pitch in da 8th innin las nite. i hope it duzzen’t hurt today.

mi teem … da noo york yankeez … beet da boston red sox in da first uv three in noo york. dis wuz verree important.

hi LL!


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