da sunday advenchurz uv mi squillion, laffin an laffin

Posted: May 20, 2007 in Uncategorized
mi squillion, laffin an laffin, fownd mi noo brudder matsui sleepin on mi dad’z noo york yankeez ugly shortz.

mi squillion decided dat he would sit on mi dad’z ugly shortz, too.
an dat wuz laffin an laffin’z big advenchur dis week.


luv–yer grate frend–jh

a noo york yankeez update: i’m sorree to report dat mi teem iz havin a run uv bad luck. it seemz dat dere hav been allotta injuriez.

i am purrin an purrayin fer mi teem.

(stop laffin an laffin LL!)

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