wowie kazowie can dat cat talk up a storm!

Posted: May 19, 2007 in Uncategorized
i got da followin response to mi post yesturday. it seemz dat mi grate frend trip wantz to join da former feralz.

Can I join yer Formerly Ferul Klub??? PLEEEEEZE? I used to be a ferul cat hoo livd in the forist with bobcats and coyotes but then one morning I saw cat fud on the dek of this grate howse by the forest and so I ran ran ran to the dek as fast as I cood and gobbled up all the cat fud and it was reely grate and I wuznt hungry anymore but sumbuddy came so I ran away and then they startid putting toona owt on the dek and the womin startid trying to bee nice to me and at ferst I wuzn’t shur but pritty soon — wate did yoo heer that? I thot I herd a can opener, maybe not — I got closer until she cood pet me an I liked that and I chase berds sumtimes, well, frankly, all the time so she put bells and a noose on me and I try to looze them in the big forest but sumtimes it takes a cupple of weeks and then she just puts anuther one on and the one I’m waring now is pink wich is a color I hate so I hope that once I looze this one I’ll git a bloo one unless pink is the offishul color of the Formerly Ferul Club in wich case I gess pink is okay in fakt I saw yoo warin a pink baseball cap and I like baseball too espeshully da grate Barry Bonds hoo evrybuddy else heer hates but I git reel exsited win he hammers one into the splash zone not that I git to watch many games becuz I don’t spend that much time in the howse bein formerly ferul and all.

duz anycat hav sum ritalin*?

i’m laffin an laffin!

luv–yer frend–jh

*mi mom sez dat dis iz not a “endorsement” fer any medicashun. wut’z “endorsement”?

in udder nooz: “mirc” iz not a cat site! duhr!


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