13 thingz abowt mi bes frend reeb

Posted: May 2, 2007 in Uncategorized
dis iz mi bes frend reeb.
heer ar 13 thingz abowt him:

1. he’z a tabby (duhr)
2. he weighz 22 powndz … (all mussel!)
3. he livez in san jose (do you know da way to san jose?)
4. he wuz named after a shoe manufaksherur
5. accordin to hiz catster bio, he iz “very well behaved, mild mannered, and a sweet boy.” (see #11)
6. he haz a brudder named nike … anudder shoe manufaksherur
7. he haz seven cat brudderz an sistahz
8. he haz two d-o-gz
9. he had 5 furbiez an two are left fer adopshun
10. he’z a indoor cat
11. he got owtta da howse da udder nite an hiz grate an verree brave mom had sum trubbel gettin him back … (refer back to #5)
12. he talkz like dis “eh-ehhhhh
13. he’z mi bes frend in da world an i luv him verree much.

u mite or miten’t uv seen dis pikshur uv reeb an me on noo yeer’z eve. it’z mi favrit pikshur.

after yer finished reedin dis … u mite wanna vizit reeb’z paje an wish hiz mom well becuz she got a little injured tryin to get mi bff back in da howse da udder nite!

luv–yer frend an reeb’z–jh

in udder nooz: maine coonz wid green arrowz in da top 100 cat sitez … #8, 9, 12, 13, 14, an 19!


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