sumthin intrestin on saturday

Posted: April 21, 2007 in Uncategorized

mi grate frend daniel wuz talkin abowt sumthin called “simplified spellin” in hiz blog yesturday. it’z verree intrestin an i think u should vizit to see wut it’z all abowt.

i am still wurried abowt LL … so i discussed it wid mi teem an we decided dat her teem should win da game in her honor. so, da final score wuz boston red sox- 7 … noo york yankeez-6. we made da deesishun in da bottom uv da 8th an allowed da red sox to win.

on da udder hand … da grate alex rodriguez (dat’z a-rod to u an me) continyooed on hiz home run streek … an added 2 more to hiz rezoomay.

mi byootiful frend … da mom uv bruce (da boss) on da rite … an bobbie on da udder side …arrived at mi howse las nite. i wuz so eksited! she will be heer until monday.

life iz grate!

yer frend–jh

8:22 pm–“Hey Jete … how many more games do we have to give up for Lilly Lu?”

um … guyz … one wuz enuff. (duhr!) jh


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