eer fur friday

Posted: April 20, 2007 in still goin pink fer mi grate frend LL ...

i wuz lookin at mi noo brudder matsui’z eer fur an at da eer fur belongin to da luvlee monica (or iz it phoebe?)
wuddya think? same eer fur, yes?
do u think dey are brudder an sistah?
dis soundz familiar… ware’z mi brudder kimo?

on anudder subject … da grate a-rod hit hiz 10th homer today to bring in 3 runz which made da final score 8 (noo york) – 6 (cleveland) in da bottom uv da 9th. verree eksitin.
mr. rodriguez iz on fire.

luv–yer frend an yankeez fan–jh


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