tt #20 … 13 thingz dat happened in mi life dis week.

Posted: April 19, 2007 in Uncategorized

mi post iz in pink instead uv noo york yankeez blue today. i am purrin an purrayin fer mi grate frend LL. pleez get well soon! dis pink’z fer u! luv–yer grate frend–jh

13 thingz dat happened in mi life dis week:

1–i jumped to #4 in da top 100 cat sites … (not a maine coon in site!)
2–i wuz nominated fer best animal blogger … (thank u ‘kaika, mi first catster frend)
3–i wuz cal’z pal uv da week on da catster… (dis wuz allotta fun … thank u cal)
4–i received a pink boston red sox cap frum mi grate frend LL
5–mi squillion, laffin an laffin, showed me dat not only duz he look good in a pink boston red sox cap, but he wuz able to walk on da roof an climb in thru da bafroom window. (wut a talented squillion!)
6–mi noo brudder matsui decided to run owtta da howse an stayed owtside fer 12 hourz … ( i diden’t rite abowt dis one … i wuz wurried abowt mi noo brudder an i diden’t wanna wurry u … but he did come back.)
7–mi dad went away to a place called “las vegas” an den he came home.
8–i received a catster shirt frum mi grate frend atlas … well … maybe it wuz fer mi mom but it wuz addressed to me … (thank u at’)
9–mi brudder mickey mantle started a noo frendship wid da verree byootiful marilyn monReow… an learned to speek “di caprio”)
10–da mom uv mi grate frend bruce (da boss) arrived in noo york frum grate brittin… an will be heer in 2 dayz!!!!
11–i reconnected wid mi neighbor colorz after a winter uv stayin inside da howse!
12–i survived da nor’eester an da rain an rain …
13–i wrestled wid matsui … played wid mickey’z tail … ignored mi brudder whitey ford … an stayed far away frum mi sistah kallie

mi life iz grate!
luv–yer frend–jh


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