tt # 19–13 commentz dat made me laff an laff

Posted: April 5, 2007 in Uncategorized

heer are 13 commentz on mi blog dat made me laff an laff dis week. i’m startin wid #13 an cowntin backwardz … jus becuz i can:

13–“I think I must have a little head.” (commenting on her noo pink yankeez cap) Daisy

12–“Not everyone can wear a hat at such a jaunty angle and get away with it satorially.” (wutz jaunty an wutz satorially?) Faz

11–“Matzos are no substitute for a good dinner!” Kelly

10–“Is gefilte fish anything like jelly fish?” mi brudderz kimo + sabi

9–“Matzo suks. Go for da gefilte fish.” Mao

8. “That’s a really spazzy squillion and a fast learner!” (wutz spazzy?) Chairman Mao

7. “I’m still wondering what a squillion is.” Calvin

6. “All my pee problems started when I had my hoo ha ectomy!” (i’m sorree u were so sick … but yer better now … an dis made me laff!) One Eyed Jack

5. “Oh he looks so cute to me! He’s fluffy like me! Is he seeing anyone?” (commentin on mi noo brudder matsui … not mi squillion!) Abbie

4. “Did Matsui git to bring home his hoo-ha’s in a pickle jar so yoo cood show them off on yer blog? I reely regret I didn’t have the presence of mind to reqwest that win I had my proseejerSkeezix

3. “I don’t know a single cat who is a better feline because of hoo-hahs …” DaisyMae Maus

2. “Hello is this thing on?” (commentin on da grate noo york noo york playin on mi blog) jezebel

1. “I never knew … I’ve spent almost 10 of mine years sweeping away???” Boy

i know sum prettee amyoozin catz!
life iz grate!
luv–yer frend–jh


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