five reezinz why i blog

Posted: March 30, 2007 in Uncategorized
five reezinz why i blog … by yer frend–jeter harris
wid thankz to da followin frendz:

1. becuz i can tell mi storiez an post mi pikshurz
2. becuz i can learn lottsa noo thingz
3. becuz i can meet grate noo catz frum lottsa placez owtside uv noo york
4. becuz i get to spend kwalitie time wid mi mom
5. becuz it iz fun … an (in da wordz uv dr. seuss) “fun iz good!”

i am taggin mi grate frendz az followz:

attenshun: az we speek … mi noo brudder matsui iz on hiz way to da feline veterinary hospital ware he will undergo hiz hoo-ha-ektomy … az performed by da grate an byootiful dr. landefeld herself. good luck little man!

update: da little “wutever” iz restin comfterblee. mi noo brudder matsui will come home tomorrow a “chanjed cat!”


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