thursday thirteen #18–cool cat factz

Posted: March 29, 2007 in Uncategorized
mi mom bought me dis book. it’z title iz
the cat–you’re the cat’s meow! how to love and raise your cat
i coulden’t wate to reed it.
heer iz a list of 13 cool cat factz frum mi noo book

1. a kindle iz a groop uv kittenz. a groop uv catz iz called a clowder.

2. a good time to adopt a kitten iz after 12 weekz old! (unless da kitten iz feral an i say a good time to adopt dat kitten iz az soon az possibul)

3. all catz are born wid blue eyez (intrestin … den i would be known az “ol’ blue eyez” insted uv “ol’ green eyez” wen i sing noo york noo york… eh raincat girl?!)

4. owr earz can turn 180 degreez. eech ear can also moove independently, so we hav a extra-sharp sense uv heerin.

5. if one uv us catz blinkz at u, it yoozhuallee meenz dat we luv u, or at leest dat we’re relaxed. wen we do dis, we like u to blink back at us!

6. catz hav helped peepul catch mice fer thousandz uv yeerz. even way back wen, da aynshent egypshunz revered dere catz above all animulz. (did u get dat dragonheart?)

7. a cat’z sense uv taste iz better dan a d-o-g’z!

8. we can jump up to seven timez our height!

9. catz play best in even numberz. two’z company, three’z a crowd.

10. wen u see a cat wid itz whiskerz forward, it meenz dat it’z feelin frendly. if our whiskerz are back, watch owt! dat’z a sign dat w could be feelin defensiv or aggressiv.

11. catz can run up to thirty milez a hour!

12. a fifteen-yeer-old cat haz spent ten uv itz yeerz sleepin.

13. a cat holdin itz tail high meenz it’z happy or iz greetin u.

intrestin an fun factz!

luv–yer frend–jh


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